Partial dentures are made by the laboratory to replace a single or several missing teeth. They can be taken out of the mouth and are thus referred to as “removable partial denture(s)”. Making a partial denture usually requires 3-4 short appointments. Rest areas are prepared into some of your teeth with a hand piece. A mold of your mouth is taken and sent to the laboratory. The lab will make you a partial denture that wraps around your teeth and is held into place with clasps, with either a metal or plastic framework depending on the type of denture you choose. A partial denture should be removed from the mouth nightly for cleaning and to give the tissues in your mouth a break from your dentures. (Canadian Dental Association Information System).


If you are missing all of your natural teeth complete dentures or “false teeth” can be made for you. Generally to make a denture requires 4 short appointments. Molds of your mouth are taken and various try-in appointments are necessary before your teeth can be delivered. Your denture will likely need to be adjusted occasionally especially if sore spots arise under the denture. It is important to keep your dentures clean and to remove your dentures for at least 8 hours a day to allow the tissues of your mouth to rest. It is equally important to have the tissues of your mouth and the fit of your dentures evaluated yearly by a dentist. (Canadian Dental Association Information System).