Periodontal disease occurs when the bacteria in the mouth starts to destroy the bone that supports your teeth. This can lead to receding gums, loose teeth and eventually tooth loss. If you are suffering from periodontal gum disease we will recommend our therapy program. During this program your mouth will be divided, usually into four sections. It is sometimes suggested that the section of your mouth be frozen with local anesthetic to ensure your comfort and allow the hygienist to do a thorough job. The hygienist will remove (scaling and root planing) the hard deposits from your teeth (calculus/tartar), disrupting the disease causing bacteria that live around your teeth, using ultrasonic and hand instruments. The therapy appointments are ideally spaced 2 weeks apart. This allows your mouth and body to remember what it is like to feel healthy again. Four to six weeks after your final therapy appointment you will return to have your gums reevaluated (periodontal evaluation) to see how you have responded to the treatment and to see if any other additional treatment is required.

If you have not responded to the therapies there are firstly non-surgical options available to you to reduce the pocketing around your teeth. These include the use of the Odyssey Navigator Laser or perhaps a low dose antibiotic.